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KLM Consulting Services Inc. 


Various types of vocational assessments; including Psycho-Vocational, Psycho-Educational, Neuro-Psycho-Vocational, Transferable Skills Analysis and Labour Market Surveys that provide employment support to individuals.

Administration of test batteries to evaluate a client's cognitive functioning, academic level, work-related skills and aptitudes, personality characteristics and occupational interests

Identify the client's barriers to finding and maintaining employment, such as cognitive or learning deficits, motivational level, low academic functioning, limited skills and aptitudes.

Recommendations and a list of suitable employment options that outline a realistic employment plan, taking into consideration the client's strengths and limitations.

Alternative language-free assessment tools can be provided to accommodate clients with developmental language disorders, learning disabilities, hearing impairment, neurological impairments (cerebral palsy, stroke, head injury), and non-native English (English-as-a-Second-Language) speaking individuals.

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