Description of Service Delivery and Quality Control Measures

Junior Psychometrist:

Junior Psychometrists have less than one year of experience at KLM.  Upon hire, the Junior Psychometrists undergo rigorous training at KLM.  The Junior Psychometrists are trained in-house by our Senior Psychometrists, whom they observe and acquire test administration skills via job shadowing.  During their own initial assessments, the Junior Psychometrists are accompanied and observed by the Senior Psychometrist to ensure that all testing protocols are followed accurately and comprehensively.  The role of the Junior Psychometrist is to meet with the client at the assessment location and to perform vocational and psycho-vocational evaluations as well as to debrief the test results to the clients.  They are solely responsible for the administration and scoring of these psychometric tests, as well as the collection of information taken during the intake interview.  They work in close collaboration with the Senior Psychometrists to relay all the information gathered so that the report can be formulated accurately and comprehensively.  The Junior Psychometrists do not have any involvement with the interpretation of test data or the write-up of assessment reports.  

Senior Psychometrist:

Senior Psychometrists have between one and five years experience with KLM.  Their role is to double-check the test data sent to them by the Junior Psychometrist for a vocational or psycho-vocational assessment.  The Senior Psychometrists perform basic analysis and interpretation of test scores and complete the write-up of the assessment reports.  A Senior Psychometrist will also be involved in the test administration and scoring of more advance assessments such as psycho-educational, neuro-psychological, and neuro-psycho-vocational. The Senior Psychometrists are also responsible for teaching new Psychometrists all areas of administration of standardized tests, paying particular attention to the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV) and the Wide Range Achievement Test – Fourth Edition (WRAT-4).  They thoroughly go over scoring and inputting of test data protocol with the Junior Psychometrists.  Senior Psychometrists have also completed seminar training by Pearson Assessments (PsychCorp), in the administration of Level C tests, i.e., the Wechsler assessment tools. 

Psychometric Supervisor:

The Psychometric Supervisors have more than five years experience with KLM.  They are responsible for conducting a final review of test data and all assessment reports (e.g., Psycho-Vocational, Vocational, Psycho-Educational, and Neuro-Psycho-Vocational) written by the Senior Psychometrists.  The Psychometric Supervisors are a resource for test administration protocol and feedback on writing skills.  They are responsible for checking on the accuracy of test data, scores and the soundness of final recommendations.  They also spot-check for grammatical and/or clerical errors in reports.  The Psychometric Supervisors’ main duty is to oversee daily operations, timeliness of report send-out and most importantly, the quality and thoroughness of final reports.  The final reviewed psychological-based assessment reports are then sent to the Consulting Psychologist for review, analysis and recommendations.  The Psychometric Supervisor also conducts performance evaluations on the Junior and Senior Psychometrists every six months to provide feedback on test administration and writing skills, respectively. 

Consulting Psychologist:

Prior to the Consulting Psychologist receiving the assessment report, the interpretation and analysis of the client’s test data will have been confirmed at three different levels (e.g., Junior Psychometrist, Senior Psychometrist and Psychometric Supervisor).  It is the role of the Consulting Psychologist to perform one final check of the data and the analysis prior to finalizing the report and making the appropriate recommendations.  The Consulting Psychologist will also perform a telephonic clinical interview with clients who are referred for Psycho-Educational and Neuropsychological assessments.

NOTE:  Once the assessment report has been completed, it is then sent to our Labour Market Specialist.  His/her role is to use all the information contained within the report to select suitable job options for the client.  This selection process is manual, in that this individual will go through the NOC Career Handbook and select jobs that match the profile of the client with regards to his/her cognitive and academic abilities, aptitudes, vocational interests, personality traits, physical and/or psychological restrictions and pre-injury wage earnings. 

NOTE:  All Psychometrists possess either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Psychology.  KLM does not have a preference for one type of degree over the other, but simply try to choose the individual who is deemed to be most suited for psychometric testing.  Junior Psychometrists undergo rigorous in-house training prior to commencing assessments of their own.  In addition, Senior Psychometrists have participated in seminar training provided by Pearson Assessments in the administration of Level C tests such as the Wechsler assessment tools and other tests used in Psycho-Vocational, Psycho-Educational and Neuropsychological assessments.

                                                                 Quality Control Protocol






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