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                                                      IN-HOME ASSESSMENT                      ERGONOMIC ASSESSMENT

                                               JOB SITE ANALYSIS                              FUNCTIONAL ABILIITIES EVALUATION



In-Home Assessment

Report outlining pre and post-injury functional status related to essential daily activities.  Includes recommendations for Occupational Therapy (O.T.) treatment, housekeeping needs to assistive devices.  Includes clinical testing of range of motion, muscle strength and physical tolerances.


Job Site Analysis

A report compiling information regarding the physical demands and job tasks of a worker's pre-accident duties.  Recommendations are provided to help improve the safety of the work environment and to prevent re-injury.  Includes use of chatillion gauge (push/pull forces) and pelouze weight scale.


Ergonomic Assessment

A report providing detailed information regarding job tasks and the work environment of a workstation from an ergonomic standpoint.  Recommendations are directed to optimize worker productivity, while minimizing risk factors (posture and repetitive movements) to prevent re-injury.

Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE)

A functional abilities evaluation is intended to accurately assess an individual's maximum physical capacities and toleration level.  Measurements of lifting, standing, walking, etc. are conducted using an ARCON unit by a certified professional.