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KLM Consulting Services Inc. 

KLM Consulting Services Inc. is committed to protecting the client's right to privacy, in compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PEDA) and the College of Psychologists of Ontario procedures.

A few of the measures that we carry out to protect the privacy of our clients are:

All staff are fully trained in the management of secure documents (clinical notes, test data and other supporting information)

All computers and documents are password protected

Confidential information is never shared without the client's knowledge and expressed consent.

Psychological information from assessments, including reports (hardcopy and electronic) and raw data, will be retained in a restricted medical file for ten years, as per The College of Psychologists of Ontario; after this period it is destroyed.

Our complete Privacy Policy can be made available upon request.​

Our Company at a Glance

confidentiality protocol: 

Choosing Your Vocational Provider

We know it's often hard to figure out how to determine who is the best provider for your vocational needs, but with our experience and services we offer, we hope to make it a little easier to decide.

KLM Consulting Services Inc. was founded in 1999 in response to the growing need for cost-effective, comprehensive, and professional vocational assessment services in Southern Ontario.

​Since 1999, KLM Consulting Inc. has grown dramatically, and now offers vocational assessment services across Canada, from Victoria, BC to St. John’s, NL.  We service both government agencies (e.g., WSIB, Veteran Affairs, Canada Pension Plan, Community Co-ordination Program and Ontario Disability Support Program) as well as the private sector (e.g., School Boards, Insurance industry (short-term and long-term disability), litigation, and private clients).

KLM Consulting Services Inc. differentiates its service within the industry by delivering high quality detailed reports in the most expedient manner possible. Our staff of highly trained professionals creates a positive, courteous and systematic testing environment for your client, and we provide reports written in a "reader-friendly" manner, with the aid of narrative descriptions and tables.

We appreciate that our referral sources rely on the results of our assessments to make critical decisions regarding the vocational goals of their clients in a limited time frame. As such, most reports are completed and emailed electronically one week following the date of the assessment. Our concise report-writing style allows the reader to glean necessary information quickly and easily. In the post-report environment, we offer unlimited Customer Support, in response to any questions regarding the data presented.​

KLM Consulting Services Inc.

Here at KLM Consulting Services Inc., we are dedicated to you and all your different vocational needs.

We've been around for over 15 years and our first and foremost goal is making you a happy, life-long client. 

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